How to Manage Technology

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Don't Be Afraid

Modern technology can be scary when you don't understand how a lot of it works. But once you understand how to manage your computer, internet, and phone technology on your own, there's nothing to be afraid of. Learn the basics now and make life easier.

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Computer Language

There are many different terms related to running and programming a computer. You may have heard a lot of these terms, but what do you do if you don't understand what they mean? Read about the meaning of certain terms and manage your technology better.

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Keeping the Internet Safe

As much as the internet is a great technological advancement, there are still some things to be weary of on the internet. Staying safe on the internet is not only important for you, but for your children as well. Learn how to easily monitor your child’s internet use and feel safer online.

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Smart Phone: Good or Bad?

If you thought the internet was convenient, you were probably really impressed by smart phones. We can do so much from our smart phones now and it's absolutely incredible. But are our smart phones good for us or bad for us? Read about the pros and cons.